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University of Hawaii

Electrical Engineering

UG teams place 1st and 2nd at Research Symposium

 Four undergraduate teams took first- and second-place honors at the 2015 CTAHR/COE Research Symposium held in April:
·      First Place (Poster Presentations): “Liquid-Metal Spiral Microstrip Variable Inductor,” Topher Brough (advisors: Wayne Shiroma and Aaron Ohta)
·      First Place (Oral Presentations): “Active Computing Interface,” Kenny Luong, Kainalu Matthews (advisor: Aaron Ohta)
·      Second Place (Poster Presentations): “Open Platform for Weather Dataset Aggregation and Collaboration,” Christie Obatake, Kenny Luong, Ryan Walser (advisor:  Anthony Kuh)
·      Second Place (Oral Presentations): “Control of Microrobots using Laser Technology”. Caralyn King, Sammy Khamis, Leanne King, Edward Nerad, Derrik Trang, Kelsie Yamakawa, Brent Kim, Matthew Savella, Dexter James Barit, Christian Josh Liwang, Gavin Nakai, Brendan Pascua, Reed Villanueva, Bryan Yagi, Mychal Yagi (advisor: Aaron Ohta)