Electric and Hybrid Vehicle National Data Center

The Electric and Hybrid Vehicle (EHV) National Data Center (NDC), at the University of Hawaii, provides a variety of on-line information services to the EHV community and the public. The NDC has been established by the DARPA EHV Technology Program to serve as a central clearinghouse and repository of EHV technical data and performance advancements in order to provide factual information on the Internet, as well as to promote EHV technology and EHV industry worldwide. The Web homepage for the national EHV program at www.ev.hawaii.edu leads directly to the NDC home page (right), from which many features are open to the public.

The EHV database and all the supporting capabilities at the NDC Website is presently the only on-line tool set linking data gathered from EHV experiments in the field with a centralized system. The NDC system provides a dynamic, networked, data-driven system environment for vehicle technology validation and performance analysis, as well as plug-and-play simulation and remote visualization, using data obtained from on-board data acquisition systems. As one of the earliest sites available, NDC used the Internet to tie together field data with modeling capabilities and to bring centralized tools to user experiments. Since DARPA’s EHV program is a government-industry-academia collaboration through seven regional consortia spread across the United States, the NDC system serves as the link and the forum that ties together numerous cooperating agencies working on various aspects of EHV technology development or vehicle demonstration. The availability and accessibility of the EHV database together with the analysis, simulation and visualization tools have attracted on-line exploration, data mining, information/value extraction, and remote experimentation, either interactively on-line or retroactively off-line. In this way, the NDC system and Website serve as a remotely accessible computer environment for EHV researchers and developers, to facilitate their rush to realize EHV’s technical potentials and market penetration. Such a networked environment linking field experimentation with centralized database and tools has been demonstrated as the first practical and operational virtual laboratory on the Web.

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