Tep's x96 Project Reports

Here is a description of what is expected in project reports based on the level of x96. Teams or indivuduals may choose to upgrade their report to a higher level.

EE 296
Reports for 296 should be submitted for each individual on the team and should be a narative describing what you did for the semester, what you learned from what you did, and what you got out of doing the project. Typical length of a 296 report is 2-3 pages.
EE 396
Reports should well document your project, including: Typical length of a 396 report is 10-15 pages (excluding Appendix).
EE 496
As W Focus, a full description of the report requirements for a 496 report is provided on the EE web site. Reports should include the information described for 396 reports, as well as the additional requirements at the EE web site. Don't forget to submit the additional electronic copy of your report using the grade command given there. A goal for the report is sufficient detail and explanation for someone at your knowoledge level should be able to reproduce and extend your design.