Region 6 Central Area MicroMouse Competition Results

Saturday, 3 May 2008
San Jose State University

The Region 6 Central Area MicroMouse Competition Results was held on Saturday, 3 May 08 Six mice participated in the competition from 3 schools. The maze was particularly challenging this year.. only one mouse found the center and took over 8 minutes to do so (they ran out of the 10 minute time on their second run, but unofficially made a speed run of 2:17 the second time).

The results of the competition are:

1: First Place - Mousey: UC Davis, Time: 8:31.74
2: Second Place - Team 4/Chebychev: UH Manoa, Explored 102 unique squares (and almost found the center, but as a right wall hugger, walked right by :-))
3: Third Place - Micro Mole : CSU Chico, Explored 43 unique squares
4: CheeHeePono: UH Manoa, Explored 33 unique squares
5: Mighty Mouse: UH Manoa, Explored 20 unique squares
6: Fred: UC Davis, Explored 6 unique squares

In addition, the IEEE Santa Clara Valley Section Micromouse Packaging Competition was also judged.

This competition is based on overall construction, size, weight, packaging, and sou nd and EM emission of the mice. The results of that competition are:
1: First Place - Mighty Mouse: UH Manoa
1: Second Place - Fred: UC Davis
1: Third Place - Amaze Me: UH Manoa

Congratulations to everyone who particpated!