EE x96 Proposal Presentations

Saturday, 16 Sep 2017
Donald Kim Lab, POST 214

The first presentations this semester will be in one session. Each team will present the proposal for their plans this semester. The talk should include the following (in whatever order you prefer):

All proposal presentations will last 10 minutes, with 5 minutes for questions between talks.

Teams may give preferences for their order in the session by Monday, 11 Sep. and I will try to schedule as close to that as possible by Friday, 19 Sep. The entire team is expected to attend for the entire session.

Each team should submit the powerpoint file for their presentation in your Resources folder on Laulima TWO DAYS BEFORE your presentation (i.e. 14 Sep). This will give your team a chance to practice your presentation before your session.

As in the past, teams will be evaluating their own and the other teams' presetations in your session. This semester we will be using rubrics (thanks to Dr. Ohta). You can preview the rubrics to familiarize yourslef on how you will rate and be rated.

Session Schedule
Saturday, 16 Sep 2017
POST 214

2LWJ (Two Lams Make a Wong...and Janiene)
Ka `Iole Awiwi
Team IM
Team Rajj
Team JAM
Unicorn X
The R.A.T.
Smak Dat
Gorilla Bots
Holy Shek!!