Fall 2017

Tep Dobry
Director of Academic Affairs
College of Engineering
Phone: 956-8404

Naomi Arincorayan
Co-op Counselor
Manoa Career Center

Brent Fujinaka
Co-op Counselor
Manoa Career Center

Kay Jernigan
Co-op Counselor
Manoa Career Center

The Cooperative Education Engineering Field Experience Course (ENGR 493) provides formal recognition for your field experience on your official transcript. It also provides Cooperative Education students with a formal vehicle to report their work experience to the Cooperative Education Office and the College of Engineering. The course is repeatable, carried for one credit, and graded as credit/no credit. To receive credit for this course for Fall 2017 you must fulfill the requirements below. You must meet ALL course requirements to be eligible to continue participation in the Co-op Program for Spring 2018, or to receive your Co-op certificate of successful completion, if graduating this Fall. We will be using tools on Laulima to coordinate and build a community of Co-op students and staff. Most of your interaction in the course will take place at the Laulima site set up for Engr 493. By enrolling in the course, you have been added as a member of the site. You can login to Laulima by clicking here. Use your login ID and password to login.

Course requirements

  1. Submit Journal Blogs (See the link for journal contents and suggested format) using the Clog tool within Laulima. Submit your blogs, which you may make open to all or only accessible by me and your Co-op counselor, Naomi Arincorayan, Brent Fujinaka or Kay Jernigan. At a minimum (though you may blog more often if you wish), you should submit a blog entry: one FULL semester or summer in Co-op. Weekly blog entries are due by each Friday beginning no later than 1 Sep, and every week after that until 1 Dec. (13 blogs).
  2. Monthly for those in Co-op for their second FULL semester or summer. Monthly blogs entries are due by the FIRST Friday of each month from Sep to Dec 2015 (4 blogs).

    For your first submittal, please include the following information:
    1. Your employer where you are doing your Co-op,
    2. your immediate supervisor's name and title,
    3. the number of hours you work per week,
    4. whether you think you should be submitting weekly or monthly journals (we will let you know if we agree),
    5. your Co-op counselor.

  3. Once each month, post to the "Discussion and Private Message" Class Discussions forum on Laulima. Each month you can choose a different topic for your discussion from the list here. If you were in Engr 493 last semester, choose different topics that you posted then. These discussion postings are due by the end of the month (3 postings).
  4. Attend and give a mini presentation (10-15 minutes) at the Engineering Field Experience Student Presentations . (See the link for presentation contents and suggestions) Due to the number of participants this semester, we should be able to do the presentations in one session, TENTATIVELY scheduled for Friday, 1 Dec. at 4:30-6:30 pm in POST 214. If you cannot make this time, please let me know right away.
  5. Complete the student evaluation and schedule update at the end of the semester. Student Evaluations will be sent to you via email from the Manoa Career Center.

You are responsible for email we send you to your address. You should check this email at least weekly. We will reply to your journals within the Blog. Of course, you may also correspond with us through our addresses given above, but please submit your journals through Laulima. Missing more than one (on-time) journal entry, or posting to the discussion topics, or missing the presentation may result in an NC for the course.