Homework Assignments

This page will contain links to homework assignments. Homework is to be turned in electronically by midnight on the due dates specified below using the grade command. The exact form of the grade command to use is given in each assignment.

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0: Homework 0 Due: at the end of your Lab 1 session.
1: Homework 1 Due: 22 Feb 16
MDTM1: Midterm 1 will be on 29 Feb. A Q&A session will be held on 25 Feb. Results
2: Homework 2 Due: 7 Mar 16
3: Homework 3 Due: 18 Mar 16
4: Homework 4 Due: See Due Dates
MDTM2: Midterm 2 will be on 11 Apr. at 5:00 pm. A Q&A session will be held on 7 Apr. Results
5: Final Project Due: 6 May 16
FINAL: Final Exam will be on 13 May at 7:30 am. A Q&A session will be held on 11 May.