EE 160 Announcements

This page will contain any announcements reguarding the course through the semester.

* Course Evaluations
The on-line course evaluation forms are now available at These include evaluation of the lecture, lab section, and the ABET objectives survey. The system will be open until 16 May, but please submit your input soon.
* Final Lab Deadline
The final deadline for any lab work you would like graded is Friday, 6 May at 11:59 pm. No work will be accepted after that deadline. The lab will be availble to meet your team or get help from a TA during the last week of classes during the usual lab times on Tuesday and Wednesday, 3 and 4 May, to any member of any section.
* Lab Amnesty
For those who are behind in the lab assignments, Spring Break and the Open Lab the week after Spring Break are a great time to get caught up (as well as work on Hw4 with your team). To encourage those needing to catch up, we will allow any prior lab (Labs 2-8; Lab 9 will be considered on time if submitted by your lab time the week after Spring Break (except Section 002 who will have another week for Lab 9)) submitted by the end of your lab session the week of 28 Mar, to get the 10% late penalty (instead of 50%). You MUST submit ALL files for any prior lab assignment (possibly improved) by the end of your lab session and will have that lab regraded with the 10% penalty replacing any prior score. NOTE: after your lab session that week, we will no longer accept submissions for Labs 2-8, so if you plan to get credit for those labs, this will be your last change.
* Spring Break and Open Lab
Over Spring Break the lab "clock" stops, so Lab 9 files will be considered on time if submitted by your lab time the week of 28 Mar (except Section 002). Furthermore, the week after Spring Break has no lab assignment. The lab sessions that week will be open to your section to get help from the TA, work on catching up on lab work (see above), and/or working with your team on Hw4. If no one shows up with the first 30 minutes of the lab session, the TA's have my permission to close the lab.
* Grades now posted
I have begun posting the grades so far which you can access from your wiliki account. If you set up your environment correctly back in hw0, you can access your grades with one of the following commands:
          mygrades ee160s1
          mygrades ee160s2
          mygrades ee160s3
          mygrades ee160s4
depending on your section. I will update the grades as they become available. If you have trouble accessing your grades, let me or your TA know.
* HKN Tutoring
The EE/CompE honor society, HKN, offers free tutoring weekdays, M-F from 4:30-5:30 pm in Holmes 387
* TA Office Hours:
* Wiliki access
As mentioned in class on Monday, recent changes to wiliki's security configuration has complicated access to wiliki over the network. The SSH client application we used to use on windows machines no longer meets the required security. So to access wiliki remotely, you should take one of the following steps:
For Macs:
If you use a Mac, the application you need is already installed. Run the Terminal application built in to the Applications->Utilities folder. When you get the terminal window open on the Mac, type the command:


where loginid is your wiliki login id, and it will ask you for your password to login. (NOTE: Unix does not echo anything when you type your password, but it is reading your keystrokes).
For Windows:
You will need to download an open source SSH client called PuTTY at and install it. You can then connect securely, to the host