What is Cooperative Learning

An active learning strategy
where you become actively involved in mastering and applying course material (rather than just listening to me lecture and taking notes)...
... by working collaboratively with your classmates
to learn from each other (rather than competitively)...
... in cooperative teams with the following conditions:

Positive interdependence.
Team members must rely on one another to accomplish the goals.
Individual accountability.
Members are held accountable for
  1. doing their share of the work, and
  2. mastering all material.
Face-to-face interaction.
Some or all work is done by members working together.
Appropriate use of interpersonal skills.
Team members practice and receive instruction in leadership, decision-making, communication, and conflict management.
Regular self-assessment of group functioning.
Teams periodically reflect on what they are doing well as a team, what they could improve, and what (if anything) they will do differently in the future.

Cooperative learning is NOT: