Information for Senior Projects EE 496

by and for Galen Sasaki

Date: 4/30/99

If you are interested in doing a senior project (e.g., EE 496) with me, read the following, and take heed to the instructions.

Fun Facts About Senior Project Course EE 496


If you are thinking about doing an EE 496 with me during Semester X then follow the instructions below:

Writing Intensive

Remember that a senior project course is a writing-intensive (WI) course. This means that you should write at least 4000 words (approximately 16 pages), not including drafts. The exact requirements for a WI course are stated in the Manoa Writing Program web site in the Student Information under Hallmarks of WI classes. By the way, at the MWP site you can find information about help with writing, etc.

75% of your grade will be based on your writing. The other 25% will be based on your oral presentation (e.g., final demonstration). Your writing assignments will be

Possible Project Topics

  1. Title: Implementation of an Ethernet card in Verilog

  2. Title: Implementation of a microcontroller chip in Verilog HDL:

  3. Title: Course scheduler for the EE Department

  4. Title: MIPS processor simulator -- alternative to xspim

  5. Title: MIPS processor simulator -- visualization

  6. Title: Verilog implementation of MIPS processor

All of the above topics will require a semester's worth of time to do the planning and background research. This is in addition to the semester when the project will implemented.