EE 296 C Programming Language Information

Galen Sasaki
October 11, 2004

The following are web site to information about the C programming language.  It has information on reading and writing to files, string operations, and command line arguments.    It explains command line arguments in Section 5.10 and the parameters "argc" and "argv".  It explains File Access in Section 7.5, and string operations in Section 7.8.  Standard libraries are given in Appendix B.   This is provides an easy to read review of the C language.  It also discusses Strings (Chap 14) and File Handling (Chap 16)     This is a web site that has links to various information about C.   This web site explains C but it's more technical.    This is a tutorial of C for physicists.  Since you're not physicists, you may want to skip it.