EE 361L Lab 4: CPU Reports

September 24, 2004


Students will work in groups of 2 and do research on a CPU architecture (if there are an odd number of students in a section, the TA can form a group of 3). Some example architectures are

You can find other processors in the survey "Great Microprocessors of the Past and Present," that can be found at the web site

Here's a web site that has the history of computers starting from 300 B.C.

Each group does an oral and written reports about their architectures. The reports should contain information on the following topics:

  1. Technology (brief)
  2. Architecture (includes instruction set architecture)
  3. Pipeline structure.  This is discussed in Chapter 6 of the textbook.
  4. Memory (main and virtual)

The TA will present a brief tutorial on computer architecture to familiarize students with many of the concepts. However, it is expected that students may run across some concepts they have not seen before even after the tutorial.

You can also find tutorials on the web.  Here are a few that I found:



Writing style will account for 50% of the grade, oral presentation style will account for 25% of the grade, and content will account for 25% of the grade.  Note that the heavy weight of writing style is to insure that the course meets the hallmarks of a writing-intensive class.