Course Syllabus: EE 260, Spring 2008

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Instructor: Galen H. Sasaki.

Prerequisite: EE 160

Textbooks and Materials:

Organization: The course is organized into a set of lectures and laboratories:

Topics: This is the first course on digital circuits (i.e., computer technology circuits). It will cover basic circuit components and design techniques. Some of the topics to be covered include

Grading: Your grade for the course will be based on the following:

The midterm exam dates will be announced at least two weeks before they are given. Any missed exams, labs, or other assignments will result in a score of zero. With the exception of the homeworks, the grades will be based on the standard curve, i.e., A = 90%, A- = 87%, B+ = 83%, B = 80%, B- = 77%, C+ = 73%,  C = 70%, C- = 67%, D+ = 63%, D = 60%, D- = 57%, F+ = 53%, F = 50%.

Drop Dates:

See University of Hawaii at Manoa, Schedule of Classes. There is an early date to drop a class without a "W" grade. This occurs within the first few weeks of the semester. There is a second drop date, but where you will receive a "W" grade. This occurs at least two months before the end of the semester. For this second date, to drop requires a written approval of Change of Registration Form from the instructor and the College of Student Academic Services Dean.