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Spring 2004

Welcome to the EE 260 Web Page for Spring 2004. 

Office Hours During Finals Week:  May 11, 12, and 13 (Tues, Wed, Thurs):  1030 -- 12noon.  Then 130 -- 3pm.
Notes on grading:  As per the course syllabus, the grading will be Midterm Exam 1 (20%), Midterm Exam 2 (20%), Final Exam (25%), Lab (30%), Homeworks (5%).  Exams and labs will be based on the standard curve: 90%(A), 80%(B), 70%(C), 60%(D).  This is extended to the +/- system as follows:  90%(A),  87%(B), 83%(B+), 80%(B), 77%(B-), 73%(C+), 70%(C), 67%(C-), 63%(D+), 60%(D), 57%(D-).  The homework grades are as follows: 
80%(A),  75%(B), 70%(B+), 65%(B), 60%(B-), 55%(C+), 50%(C), 45%(C-), 40%(D+), 35%(D), 30%(D-).

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If you'd like to get some help via email, the instructor, TA, and grader can be reached by emailing to the following addresses (or by just clicking the addresses).