EE 260 Lab 1
Group Organization
LogicWorks Software Tool

1.  Objectives

The objectives of this lab are threefold:
  1. You will organize you EE 260 team for the lab. 
  2. You will complete the tutorial for the LogicWorks software to get familiar with the schematic entry and simulation features of the software.

2. Team Formation

The purpose of this task is to meet with your teammates for the semester and decide among yourselves the details of how your team will operate. In addition, for teams with four members, you will decide how you will split into 2 groups of two for working in the lab. You will also decide on a name for your team.

You should spend at least an hour of the lab period this week discussing team issues with your team. In particular, as a team you should:

  1. Begin by doing the "Team Task" on the team exercise.
  2. Using your discussion from the above exercise, as a team you should write up a list (or at least 10 items, but not more than 15) of the goals and expectations of your team for the semester. Your list should address ALL of the following issues:
One member of the team should write-up the goals and expectations, print it out, and have all members sign it. The signed copy should be placed in your lab journal (you will need 2 copies). Also, send a copy to the instructor in email with all group members cc'd.

3. LogicWorks

The web site for LogicWorks is, where you can find information on purchasing LogicWorks (through Amazon or Chapters, which is a Canadian company) and other faqs.  You should be using Logicwork 5.

Go through the LogicWorks 5 Tutorials, Chapters 4 and 5 but skipping the section on "Creating A Bus" in Chapter 5.
You don't have to understand everything that's going on in the tutorial.

4.  What To Turn In

Recall that your EE 260 lab team will write a list of goals and expectations for the semester (see Section 2 above). In addition, your team should do the "team task".  One member of your team should write these up on wiliki and email them to the TA (get her email address), with a cc to all members of the group.