Narayana Santhanam

Apr 2004

My work covers theory and practical topics in information theory, statistical learning and signal processing. In particular, a lot of focus is on high dimensional problems, reflecting requirements for diverse applications in data processing, handling biological and genetic data, risk management, channels with memory, smart grids among others.

I gravitate towards solutions that involve nice combinatorics or probabilistic arguments where possible. During the course of obtaining engineering and statistically relevant solutions, I have enjoyed using results and insights from number theory, combinatorics, and topology to name a few seemingly uncommon subject areas.

If you are/were in a class I taught, all documents you need are on Laulima. If you are looking for a puzzle I asked you, please email me at Email address

For software and videos related to any of my projects (including NSF projects or related to my papers), please see the Code section.

Updates Videos of NSF Center for Science of Information workshop available on YouTube here.

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