February 1, 2014 -- The Spring 2014 Micromouse Season Starts

We hope that everyone has had a great break. Welcome back to school and welcome to the Spring 2014 Micromouse Season. There is plenty of help for members. Right now, not many resources are posted, but we hope to change that within the next few weeks.

See the Tutorial #1 series here for more information. Note that this was created for previous years, and information might not completely match with this year.

The first micromouse tutorial will focus more on hardware, but the next week will focus more on hardware. We're going to be using MPLAB 8.

February 4, 2013 -- Spring 2013 Micromouse Season Resources

Since we've switched over to MPLAB X, new tutorials will be posted soon. But in the meanwhile, you can find the first Tutorial series here: Micromouse Tutorial 1

February 27, 2010

IGED (Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day) 7:45am to 12:45pm – Waipahu Intermediate Cafetorium

March 28, 2009

The UH Micromouse teams went to UC Santa Cruz during the Spring Break and brought us a couple of prizes from Micromouse Competition and fisrt prize from student Paper Competition.

Micromouse Competition:

  1. Alfalfa (Alex Zamora & Tyson Seto-Mook) - 1:11.29
  2. Baroque - BaroqueN (Blaise Arita, Shaunty Kleinschmidt, Matthew Menor, Maran Osakoda) - 3:47.76
  3. Team 4 - Chebyshev II (Joseph Longhi, Malcolm Menor, Shane Sunada) - 7:03.484

Micromouse packaging:

  1. Raja (Alex Zamora & Tyson Seto-Mook)

Paper Competition:

  1. Team 4 (Joseph Longhi, Malcolm Menor, Shane Sunada)