I am interested in consulting opportunities in communications and signal processing.


R & D Management

I am co-founder and past Chief Technology Officer of Kai Sensors, Inc. (http://www.kaisensors.com), where I managed developing the first prototype product. Kai Sensors develops and markets products that measure and monitor heart rate and respiration wirelessly, with no contact, and from a distance.


My expertise from research is on the physical layer communications. My current research is on cooperative diversity, which promises to revolutionize capacity and energy efficiency of communication networks through integrating the physical layer and higher layers. I have published 20 journal papers and 50+ conference papers in the area of communications, and I have been editor of IEEE Transactions on Communications.

Signal Processing

I have experience with radar signal processing, communications signal processing, and biomedical signal processing. I have published 18 journal papers and 50+ conference papers on signal processing, and I have been associate editor of IEEE Transactions on Information Theory in Detection & Estimation Theory.