Visit Honolulu at the Island of Oahu


Hawaii has six major islands. Honolulu is at the Island of Oahu. Airport code: HNL



(The following is the information provided for my friends visiting Honolulu. It may be not all accurate due to my short stay here and unexpected changes. Please use it as your reference and check other sources too.)


A few tips:

(1) Please put on a lot of sunblock, as much as you would. The weather is nice, but the sun is extra strong too. Please reapply after being two or three hours under the sun, especially after you have been in the water. Looking like a red lobster with shining “yellow pearl” on you is no fun. Trust me, I had some. My friends read this page, and still had some in last Dec. !_!

(2) Please drink a lot of water. So you can keep up with the sun and enjoy your stay.

(3) Please bring water gears: UV-protection rash guard (a special T-shirt), swim goggles, and fins will help you enjoy the ocean water.

(4) Waterproof camera is a super! (You can also get water proof camera cases for your regular cameras.)

(5) Please fresh up your swimming skills. Otherwise, you will miss a lot fun.

(6) Safety: before entering water, check the signs posted on beaches or check with lifeguards. Rip currents or Riptides are the No.1 danger for swimmers. Swimming parallel to the shore if caught in a rip current to get out of it. It is usually less than 100-yard wide. Then, swim towards the shore. Shark attacks are rare in Hawaii, about one to six per year and more around Maui. Consider millions of visitors per year, it almost likes winning a lottery. Not swim in murky water, or at dusk, or with an open wound. Then you will only see sharks in aquariums.


Local Transportation           The Cab          The Bus          Honolulu Airport           Hawaii SuperFerry

Local Newspapers                The Honolulu Advertiser          Star Bulletin

Local Hospitals                     The Queen's Medical Center  Kapi'olani Medical Center for Women & Children


Hotels. Waikiki has one of the best beaches; so, most hotels are at Waikiki, Honolulu, HI 96815. You can find reasonable good hotels below $100, (e.g., from which are a few blocks away from the beach. Beach front hotels are much more expensive. Since Waikiki is not very large, you basically can walk to the beach from any hotels at Waikiki in a few blocks. Waikiki is a very safe tourist place, if you don’t stay on streets until 3am like the Bush’s aid. (The first big house on the west of Kuhio Beach Park is a police station. ^_^) There are with all kinds of restaurants and activities in walking distances. If this is your first visit or without a car, I suggest you stay at Waikiki.


Car Rental. You can get a midsize car at the airport around $30 per day, e.g., at Waikiki hotels may charge you parking for $10 or up per day. Otherwise, parking is free at hotels.


I have visited some of the following places, and heard good words about the other places. There are still many wonderful places to explore. ^_*


·         Hanauma Bay, Oahu. America’s Best Beach 2004, by Dr. Beach. A unique place, no special skills required: able to swim and not afraid of water. Buses and shuttles are available to Hanauma Bay from most hotels at Wakiki. The parking lots will be quickly full in morning. So, try to go early in the morning (e.g., someone says before 8am) or after 3pm. You need to watch a short education video before you enter water. $5 entry fee for non Hawaiian residents. You need a waterproof camera. My Photos .


·         Other Nice Beaches at Oahu

o        Oahu's Guarded Beaches

o        America’s Best Beach 1998, Kailua Beach Park, Oahu, Hawaii

o        America’s Best Beach 1996, Lanikai Beach, Oahu, Hawaii, Lanikai  means  "heavenly sea" in the Hawaiian language.

o        Kapiolani Park, Oahu, Hawaii. Favors of locals; hard to find parking in weekends; unless you go early morning or late afternoon.

o        Magic Island and Ala Moana Beach Park, Oahu, Hawaii. Favors of locals; hard to find parking in weekends; unless you go early morning or late afternoon.

o        Waimea Bay Beach Park, Oahu, Hawaii.

o        Bellows Field Beach Park, Oahu, Hawaii. You can only go on weekends.

o        10 Best Beaches In Hawaii


·         Lyon Arboretum, Oahu. My Photos

a.Honolulu Botanical Gardens


·         Tantalus Drive and Roundtop Drive


·         Diamond Head State Monument. There is a easy hike to the top of the Diamond Head. Great views. (Never being there, heard good words from people.)


·         Pearl Harbor. It is a national park, free for visit. But you need to get in line to get tickets. It is suggested to go early. See photos for hours. If your goal is sightseeing, Pearl Harbor may be not your top choice, unless you like to pay respect to the falling ones or fascinate about the history. (You probably see the most from photos already.) If you have a short stay, just let them rest in peace, avoid the crowd, and spend more time under the sun or in water.


·        Sea Life Park Hawaii, good for young kids. (Never being there, just heard good words from people.)


·         Winter Fun

a.Whale Watch: winter time, Dec to April.

b.North Shore, huge waves in winter. The following photo was taken at Waimea Bay, before a Pro. Surf Contest, about 200 meter offshore. Dudes who did not get the invitations to the contest tried to get attentions on a 25-foot wave before the contest started.

c.Be careful when you are close to shore in winter time. Never turn your back to the ocean. Freak waves could pull people into the water and cause serious injuries.



·         Surf Report, if you enjoy real surfing on water.


·         Hiking Trails: Rainbows are almost in your touch on the ridges. Retreat immediately when it rains. It could become slippery very quick. Stay on the trails all the time. Volcanic rocks are often hollow and easy to slide.


·         Indoor Attractions

·         Bishop Museum, Hawaiian History

·         The Contemporary Museum, Honolulu, a beautiful place for lunch. Call to reserve seats first.

·         Hawaii State Capital

·         Honolulu China Town. When you are hungry. Restaurants there are good and much cheaper compared with restaurants at Wakiki, often less than half for the same food. Although it is called China Town, but not only Chinese foods there. Many different styles.

·         Ala Moana Shopping Center: the biggest shopping mall in Hawaii. Many fancy shops and restaurants.


·         Swap Meet, for souvenirs. Wed, Sat & Sun 6am-3pm. you will find local crafts, Aloha Stadium, Oahu.


·         Other Web sites

·         Hawaii Vacation Guide,

·         Visiting Hawaii,

·         Alternative Hawaii,


·         In case that you forget carrying something with you, Wal Mart, 700 Keeaumoku St, Honolulu, HI 96814, (808) 955-8441

·         Dollar Movies, Restaurant Row 9, Wallace Theatres, 500 Ala Moana Blvd. phone: 808-526-4171


·         Interesting sightsee points: you can find the direction to on the Google map.

a.Pali Lookout: You can see almost half of the North Shore.

b.      Manoa lookout at Puu Ualakaa State Wayside Park: You can see the most of the South shore, including the entire Honolulu City.

c.Makapuu Point State Wayside: a easy hike with pavement. You may see whales on the shore in winter.

d.      Laniakea, Oahu, You can see turtles resting on the beach up close. Hawaiian State law prohibit touching or chasing them.

e.      Iolani Palace,


(To be updated.)