Hanauma Bay, Oahu: a unique place, no special skills required, just able to swimming and not afraid of water. Buses and shuttles are available to Hanauma Bay from most hotels at Wakiki. The parking lots will be quickly full. So, try to go early in the morning (e.g., before 8am) or after 3pm. You need to watch an education video before you enter. $5 for non Hawaiian residents.



Most fish are on reef here. If you donít have fins or reef shoes on, be careful when you stand on the reef. Easy to cut.


The water is just a few feet deep in most cases here.




If you decide to go out to the second tier reefs, follow the arrows to avoid the current. (Avoid the white water.)The water will be a few meters deep out there.


snorkel masks, hoses, and fins are about $15 dollars each at Walmart. The daily rental is about the same price. You do the math.

Walmart at Honolulu is very close to Wakiki hotels. If you have a car and stay more than a few days, it is worth to pick up reef shoes, snorkeling equipment, water, and snacks there.

More fish on reef here


The last one is Hawaii State Fish, Humu humu nuku nuku apua`a, also known as Hawaiian trigger fish.

Now, you like to have a waterproof camera, donít you?