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Information for Supervising Professors of TAs

Before the semester

  • Read information for TAs
  • Prepare the documents for the TA including
    • Job description (an example form can be found here)
    • Lab assignments
    • Textbooks if needed
  • Meet with the TA.  If you are unavailable, have the above information prepared and leave it with the EE Office for your TA.  Include a memo with instructions.  These need to be done well in advance of the semester because TAs will arrive about a month before.
  • Be sure the TA is familiar with safety procedures.
  • Be sure the TA knows what to do if there are equipment, computer, or component problems.

At the beginning of the semester

  • Sit in on a lab session.  Then meet with the TA to provide feedback towards developing and improving teaching skills.
  • Be sure the TA has office hours, and that they are in the laboratory if possible.  The office hours should be posted on our EE web site here.

During the semester

  • Meet with your TA regularly (weekly is recommended)

At the end of the semester

  • Be sure TA signs up for Course And Faculty Evaluation (eCAFE) system evaluation
  • Complete and submit an evaluation form (click here) for each TA (and per section) you are supervising.