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University of Hawaii

Electrical Engineering

Computer Engineering

The research of computer engineering track faculty covers both hardware and software technologies. Our research activities range from computer and network architecture to distributed Internet applications, advanced computing algorithms, and object-oriented software design. In particular, we explore research in the following areas:

  • bio-medical engineering
  • computer-aided circuit design
  • computer networks
  • distributed systems
  • intelligent system
  • multimedia streaming systems
  • medical imaging processing
  • network security and availability
  • optical networks
  • system modeling
  • performance analysis
  • tele-health and telemedicine systems
  • wireless networks
  • and other related areas.

Our graduate and undergraduate students actively participate in these research projects. With the help of our faculty, students explore  challenging problems and perform the state-of-art research. In the meantime, we collaborate with local and national industry to broaden the impact of our research and create practical opportunities for students to gain hands-on experiences.

Current and recent funded projects are listed in these areas: