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Cube Satellite launched 11/19!

Hoʻoponopono 2 is a satellite designed and built by UH students in the Small Satellite Program established by Professor Wayne Shiroma in 2001 and managed most recently by EE graduate student Larry Martin. Once in space, the satellite's job will be to calibrate DoD radar stations, helping to correct or "heal" variations that may disrupt performance. It was successfully launched into space November 19, 2013 at 3:15 pm HST.

Congratulations to the team!

Watch a video (or read the transcript) of an interview with team members on the University of Hawaii Media Production site earlier this year and after the launch.

Learn more in local newspaper coverage in MidWeek.

Photo of Cube Satellite on workbench during development

Read more about the Minotaur rocket that will carry this and other satellites in

List of cubesats and other satellites launching together

The original launch date of Nov. 4 was delayed by the recent government shutdown, but rescheduled for the Nov. 19-26 window.

Follow the launch news on NASA's twitter feed for the launch site, Wallops Flight Facility webpage or their Facebook page.

Live coverage of the launch may be available via UStream starting around 2:30pm HST Tuesday

Other status updates available at SpaceFlightNow

From the Twitterverse:

On the launchpad at T-1 hour ....