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University of Hawaii

Electrical Engineering

Dr. Yingbin Liang wins National Science Foundation, Faculty Early Career Development Award

Dr. Yingbin Liang received the prestigious Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) in 2009. Dr. Liang will receive $399,998 for five years in support of her research and educational development. The CAREER Program is awarded to support junior faculty who demonstrate outstanding research, excellent education and who effectively integrate the education and research in the context of their career development. Dr. Liang received the CAREER Award based on her proposal entitled "Secure Communication via Source and Channel Randomness". Her proposed research project aims at providing a comprehensive framework to implement the emerging physical layer security approaches to practical wireless networks, which complement the traditional cryptographic approaches for security. Furthermore, this project will be strongly coupled with educational and curriculum development at the University of Hawaii.