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University of Hawaii

Electrical Engineering

CTAHR/COE Research Symposium awards

At last month's CTAHR/COE Research Symposium:

Kevin Cho, Jamie Obatake, Andrew Obatake, and Reyn Mukai received first place honors for their poster presentation, "Analysis, Distribution, and Visualization of Weather Data for Sustainability Application" (Advisor: Anthony Kuh)

Mirza Uzair Baig won first place for his oral presentation, "Information Theory and Interference Alignment" (Advisor: Anders Host-Madsen)

Two groups tied for third place in the poster category: Kevin Kam, Sasha Yamada, Ralph Cenence, Sam Resurreccion, Warren Wagner, Todd Shimojo, Jason Marcos, William Fong, Tyler Akau, and Cameron Asaoka, "Liquid-Metal Electronics VIP" (Advisors: Aaron Ohta and Wayne Shiroma); and Paul Subia, Abraham Sylvester, M. Andelo, Brandon Tomota, Shekh Islam, "Programmable Robotic Phantom for Radar Life Sensing and Subject Identification" (Advisor: Victor Lubecke)