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University of Hawaii

Electrical Engineering

NSF CyberCorps SFS scholarships offered

We were granted a 5-year NSF CyberCorps SFS award from 2017 to 2022 in December 2016 supporting 6 students per year. We are looking for applicants for starting this Fall. Please contact Prof. Yingfei Dong at for more details.

Scholarship: about $50,000 per year per student up to three years, including stipend, tuition and fees, health insurance, books, and professional development. It could be used across undergraduate and MS degree, e.g., one year for a CENG/EE BS and two years for a master degree.

Basic requirements:
1) US citizen, with a clean record (for security clearance).
2) GPA >3.0 for undergraduate, GPA >3.3 for graduate
3) have good cyber or security skills. (e.g, EE406 or EE609)
4) willing to work for the government for the number of years that you take the scholarship: e.g., on the scholarship for 1 year, you need to work for any federal/state/city/tribe government for 1 year as return.

More info available on this google site. I will keep updated it with new info.