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University of Hawaii

Electrical Engineering

Fall 2021: Infrequently offered courses

Date: 2021-08-23           Add to Google Calendar

The following are courses that are not regularly taught, so please contact the faculty listed below for more information:

EE 422 Sensors and Instrumentation for Biological Systems Dr. Daniel Jenkins,

EE 470 Physical Optics Dr. Eric Szarmes,

EE 491D Special Topics: Communications: Stochastic Models Dr. James Yee

EE 624 Microsensors/Microactuators I Dr. Victor Lubecke
(instead of EE 622)

EE 422 and EE 470 are EP track electives taught by faculty outside of the College but cross-listed as EE courses. They’re only taught every other year or so, so if you’re interested in these topics please take advantage.