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University of Hawaii

Electrical Engineering

Human Body Imaging and Noncontact Vital-Sign Monitoring Using Ultra-Wideband Radar

Date: 2017-05-05           Add to Google Calendar
Time: 10:00am
Location: Holmes Hall 389
Speaker: Dr. Takuya Sakamoto (Associate Professor at University of Hyogo & Researcher at the Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University)


This talk gives an overview of recent developments in signal processing technology using ultra-wideband radar for measuring human bodies. Ultra-wideband radar is of interest in a wide range of applications, including measuring body shapes and movements, detecting concealed weapons, and even measuring vital signs such as respiration and heart rates. This talk covers several advanced signal processing techniques that are applicable to ultra-wideband radar for retrieving information about human subjects. Near-field radar imaging technology is currently used for body scanners at airports for detecting concealed objects. Our techniques can generate clear three-dimensional radar images within a short time. This enables auto-focusing imaging of a subject moving in an unknown manner. Another technique we have been studying is related to remote measurement of vital signs, which could bring about a breakthrough in the booming wearable device market. Our advanced signal processing can achieve extremely accurate measurements of instantaneous heart rate without any device attached to the subject's body. The performance of these techniques has been verified using various measurements.

Sponsor: IEEE MTTS Hawaii Chapter and Student Branch Chapter