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University of Hawaii

Electrical Engineering

The Development History of Korean Electric Power System

Date: 2014-05-01           Add to Google Calendar
Time: 10:30am - 11:30am
Location: Holmes Hall 389
Speaker: Dr. Yong-Taek Oh, Korea University of Technology and Education

 About the speaker:
Yong-Taek Oh received his B.S degree from the Sungsil University, Korea in 1980 and the M.Sc and Ph.D degrees Electrical Engineering from the Yonsei University, Korea, in 1982 and 1987 respectively in Electrical Engineering . From 1987 to 1991, He was with the Computer Center of Korea Electric Power Corporation as a Section Chief. He joined the faculty of Korea University of Technology and Education, Cheonan, Korea in 1991 where he is currently a Professor in the School of Electrical, Electronics, Information Technology. His areas of research interest are power system protection and control, power system stability, fault analysis, A.I application to power system including distribution system.

I would like to introduce the "Development History for Korean Electric Power System" also, my industrial experience, academic back-ground, interesting research field and so on briefly. If possible, I want to take your coordination for my research. Finally I want to tell you on the influence of DG on the protection schema in the distribution grid.